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Debbie Deemer

Debbie Deemer

9th Grade Math

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In 2000 I moved to California. Although we loved it there, we moved to Utah two years later, and ever since I have lived in beautiful Utah.

I miss living near my extended family and try to visit them often. I am married and have four children; two young adults and one teenager, trying to be a young adult and a girl born in December, 2013. They keep me busy. My free time is mostly spent with my family. We like to go on hikes together and still shoot for family dinners. I also love to read, scrapbook, watch movies, cheer for the Chicago Bears, and play family games.

My love of mathematics and junior high-aged children blossomed as a TA at Summit Academy and led to my decision to teach Secondary Mathematics. I earned my Master of Arts in Secondary Education in December of 2013 from The University of Phoenix. My Bachelor of Science is from Northern Illinois University with a major in Natural Environmental Studies and a minor in Mathematics.

I do enjoy teaching Ascent Academy students learn math. We study mathematics to prepare for the future by helping us organize ideas, think rationally & critically, apply concepts, and learn to problem solve. All are skills that have practical applications in everybody’s life!


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