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Cara Savage

Cara Savage

Sixth Grade

I am a California transplant native, surf/skateboarding (MUCH better in past years) beach bum at heart who can FOREVER hear and smell the West Coast beach waters and sand.. I am also a baseball fanatic. GO HALOS! 

This is my 22 year of teaching. LOVE Utah, our growing family of grown kiddos and ADORABLE grandkids, who keep us BUSY.   I am easy going but patiently will demand my kids' BEST always. I am prepared daily in the classroom and require the same "no excuses success" from my students.  I

LOVE parents visiting without warning (not kidding!) Communication goes BOTH ways. If your child is contagious, keep them home. Our classroom OHANA likes to share but not germs.

Look forward to IMMENSE greatness this year!


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