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9th Grade Lagoon

Posted Date: 05/02/2022

9th Grade Lagoon

We are excited to be able to host a Lagoon day on May 25th.  All 9th graders are invited.  If students do not have season passes, the cost for students to attend is $47.00 plus a $5.00 bus fee.  If your student already has a Lagoon season pass then just the bus fee of $5.00.  


Permission slips can be found in the office and ALL payments should be done online at the following link .  Please have payments and permission slips completed and turned into the office by May 18th.  No permission slips will be accepted after this time. 


Students, behavior is key to being invited to Lagoon.  If you have any behavior issues between now and the 25th, you will be uninvited to attend.