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Carlos Zuniga

Carlos Zuniga


Hola! I am very happy to be teaching Spanish at Ascent Academy, West Jordan! I grew up in Costa Rica and that’s where my love of teaching began. I had the opportunity to teach high school level students in Costa Rica English from 1995-1997. Upon moving to the United States and becoming a citizen here, I decided to pursue a degree in education and I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Teaching, Secondary Level Spanish and a minor in Biology in 2010.

I originally lived in Oregon, where I met my wife and we got married in 2005. Shortly after, I was transferred by my company to Salt Lake City and we have lived here ever since. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters and my most favorite moments are times spent with my three girls. We enjoy going to movies, taking bike rides, days spent at Lagoon, playing video games, camping and walking the dog.


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