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Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith

Second Grade

Hello,  My name is Brenda Smith.  I am a Utah girl, but have also lived  on both coasts for a couple of years each place.  I have been married to my BFF for nearly 27 years and we have 4 children together plus a faithful Goldendoodle named Marlie. 2 cats that I can not remember their names (they are my daughters cats) so I call  one Fat Cat that had been abandoned by my parents mailboxes out in the middle of nowhere.  Flowell is somewhere, but not many people know where is it.  The other cat is baby cat because we haven’t had him very long.  He is already taking charge though.
This is my 6th year at Ascent.  I started here the first 4 years and then took a break and now I am back. I taught all day kindergarten last year, which was completely amazing. We formed some strong bonds.  This year, I am teaching 2nd grade and excited to work with the awesome ladies that started here in the beginning also.  
I am excited for an amazing year.


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