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Matthew Otterstrom

Matthew Otterstrom

Sixth Grade

My name is Matthew Otterstrom and I am really excited to be joining Ascent this year. I was born in CA & have spent most my childhood in the Sandy, Utah area.  I attended the University of Utah to expand my love for music. I also played with the U of U Marching Band & became the original bowling ball (that story you just will have to ask about). I play the Tuba as my main instrument.  I also play most of the brass instruments and the flute, the clarinet, and a little alto saxophone. I later transferred to the University of Phoenix to finish my degree in Elementary Education. This will be my fifth year as a teacher. I have taught 4th & 5th grades and music in the past. I am excited to teach 6th grade this year.

I have been married for 10 years this year to the love of my life, who’s name is Heidi. Our children are furry, four-legged animals, two dogs (Alex & Andy), two flemish giant rabbits (Ms Lady Hopkins & Sir Rascal Hopsalot) whom are as large as a small dog weighing in at 25 lbs(Rascal) to 35 lbs(Lady). We also have Princess Fluffy who is a miniature Lions Mane rabbit, whom you can hold in one hand. I have only one sister. I do have three nephews that my wife and I love to spoil every chance we get. We love going to visit them in Huntsville, Utah. I can be seen riding bikes to the beach, fishing, hiking trails, and building & making project me & my sister can think up for the boys to play & use their imaginations. In one case, I helped to build an entire castle for my nephew Jonas.  The Castle later was turned into a mining town complete with a saloon and jailhouse. Then later added the dragons tunnel & a home where the hobbit lives. I enjoy teaching & helping kids to know life is full of adventures & dreams are meant to be made.


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