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Eric Kravetz

Eric Kravetz

Third Grade

I am very excited to continue teaching at Ascent Academies. I currently teach 3rd grade and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences to the classroom. Before beginning here, I was an officer in the US Army and had the opportunity to do airborne training, serve in Germany, and deploy to Afghanistan for nine months. Being an officer has taught me much about leadership, serving others, and the importance of training. In addition, I have been a substitute teacher and have gleaned many ideas and strategies from various teachers to enable me to bring as much insight into my career as possible.

In addition, I was fortunate enough to marry a beautiful woman from Peru and we have two daughters! In addition to spending time with my wife and daughters, I also enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and traveling. Traveling has been my most rewarding and varied hobby I have had thus far. I am originally from Texas and have also lived in Spain, Idaho, Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Germany, and Afghanistan. Overall, I have visited half of the United States, twenty-five countries, and six continents. There are still many states and countries that I want to see (and possibly Antarctica), and now I am pleased to have my wife and daughters as my travel partners to share in all my experiences.


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