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Camille Danielson

Camille Danielson

Third Grade

This is my 3rd year here at Ascent. I have a lot of hopes, plans, and aspirations for the students and myself. A teacher's job is to learn as much as he or she teaches. Often the best teachers out there are our students! I love them so much, and want each of them to be successful. In 3rd grade, we become responsible and accountable for our  choices. We learn that following directions the first time with a positive attitude, brings us more success. 

A little about me… I have 3 fur babies (Diggy, Sammy, and Lily) and a turtle (Mr. Turtle). I am hoping to have a Boston Terrier Puppy in our little non-traditional (human) family sometime in the next year. I Love to teach math, but struggled with it growing up. Ironic right? It makes me giggle thinking about how unlikely this is. I never thought that I would like teaching it the most. I also love teaching Science. ELA and Social Studies are fine, and I like teaching those subjects too, but If I had to choose one, math would win! I love the light bulb moments after a kiddo has struggled for a while on something, and he or she finally “gets it”! LOVE THAT! I love gardening, bugs, fishing, being outside, starting new - and hoarding unfinished craft projects (ehem...I will get to those….sometime), and playing games like Phase 10, SKIP BO, PIT, Speed, War, puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, mancala, and lots of others. One more thing about me that I like to tell people is my life motto. It is different, but if you think about it, it is pretty true. “Weird is good, normal is bad.” In other words, don’t be like everyone else. Be you, and be weird! Life is so much better when we are not all the same. As long as we are respectfully weird, everyone will be happy.


I have great expectations, and I am excited to see where we can go with our learning and growth this year! We CAN do this!!! 


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